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Are you also tired of hidden chemicals in our food?

“Becoming a food safety activist was not on my bingo card-ever!” says Marci Kenon, certified fitness trainer and wellness coach based in New York City. Marci first read about the Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) loophole while reading “Fiber Fueled,” a book on gut health by Dr. Will Bulsiewicz.

GRAS is an FDA-sanctioned loophole that has permitted food companies to flood the American food supply with 10,000+ additives over decades. “Numerous food additives have already been shown to damage the gut microbiota, while more than 99 percent of them haven’t been studied,” Bulsiewicz laments in “Fiber Fueled.” 

CloseGRAS Blog

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Marci Kenon Food Safety Activist


Environmental Health Educator/

Food Safety Activist

Some of these additives are deemed too toxic for human consumption and banned in other countries. Americans are expressing tremendous concern on social media about the challenge of having access to safe,  healthy, and affordable foods.


Marci takes deep dives into topics surrounding GRAS and includes the role of the FDA, the additives, the marketing, the politics, and the ultra-processed foods that are making Americans sick. Sixty percent of Americans’ average daily, caloric intake comes from ultra-processed foods eaten at home and in restaurants.

“I believe these toxic additives contribute to the poor health outcomes of Americans-especially those who routinely eat ultra-processed food and meals from fast food restaurants,” Marci says. “Let’s reclaim our health by eating toxin-free foods and petitioning to close the GRAS loophole!”

You can join the toxin-free food health movement by:

  • Minimizing your purchases and intake of ultra-processed foods

  • Subscribing to and engaging with Close GRAS for education and empowerment 

  • Sharing the Close GRAS link and information with family and friends

  • Supporting the state and federal legislation aimed to remove toxins from our food supply and to dismantle GRAS

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